Ur Buster & Sin Buster (Anime-LM-OP)

Metalborg, Ur Buster & Metalborg, Sin Buster

The "Metalborgs" (鋼闘機メタルボーグ Metarubōgu) are a series of cards that include "Metalborg" in its card name exclusive to the Dimension Police clans. They were first introduced in Booster Set 16: Legion of Dragons & Blades.


Who are the Metalborgs?

Metalborgs are mechanical lifeforms who came from a dimension different from that of Cray, similar to the Dimensional Robos.

They use the pseudonyms Metalborgs when working on Cray. Similar to the Dimensional Robos, they fight for justice; however, Metalborgs never work with Dimensional Robos as they disagree with the lenient ideologies of Dimensional Robos, who would sometimes show mercy to the villains. They are new allies (of Dimension Police) who have slightly radical philosophies, nearing the level of "justice which goes too far". It is sure that they will bring new storms among Dimension Police.

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